The Edge of Self Love


This personal research project explores what happens at the edges of self-love.

It was 2015, #selflove was hot and Kim Kardashion just published the book ‘Selfish’ containing 300 polaroid selfies. I couldn’t help but wonder: are these two topcis related? Or take human cloning for example, which is socially questioned and criticized while making a love child is considerd a normal thing to do. They’re both a form of reproduction rooted in self love but at the same time they couldn’t be further apart from each other.

What else can be found on the edge of self love? With this question in mind I researched, wrote, draw, doodled and scrapbooked. The research came to fruition while shooting my big beautiful belly pregnant with a love child, celebrating my round body and our future lovechild.

Photography: Lana Prins

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