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Your go-to guide for a sustainable wardrobe less ordinary.

This online platform explores the expansive constellation of fashion from a cosmos-polite point of view, with the conviction that an interest in fashion doesn’t mean you don’t care about the planet.


I started challenging the fast fashion industry back in 2012. Working as a brand manager in fashion I got
a peek behind the curtain of the fast fashion
industry and didn’t like what I saw.

In a quest to find a sustainable yet fashionable way
of covering myself up, I started an online vintage
shop called The Style Lion, where I sold a curated
on-trend selection of vintage items with a story.


But back then the majority of planet-friendly clothing still
felt basic, brown, and boring. These days more and
more brands came to the horizon that express their
creative selves while bringing less harm to the planet

And for this a big, roaring thank you is in order. 

Now it’s time for the next chapter of my journey:


The Cosmospolite

An online platform for
fashionable, sustainable clothes.


‘Cause nobody got time to dive into the depths of the world wide web to look for contemporary, outspoken pieces that today’s sustainable fashion has to offer.


So, I did this for you!

Love & Stay Cosmic,


Leonie de l'Orme

Learn more about The Cosmospolite values here.

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