THE COSMOSPOLITE IS A BRANDING STUDIO - for sustainable fashion brands.

It was born out of the FUSION OF THE EPONYMOUS SHOPPING PLATFORM for sustainable fashion and the BRANDING WORK of its founder Leonie de l’Orme.

With her 17 years of work in the universe of branding and her personal sustainable fashion quest since 2012, she is the GO-TO PERSON FOR BRANDING IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY. Together with her network of creatives and other fashion professionals, she works towards the VISION OF MOVING THE FASHION INDUSTRY FROM NICHE TO NORM.

A bit more about Leonie

Hi! I’m Leonie de l’Orme, founder of The Cosmospolite, a creatively-led sustainable fashion branding studio. Driven to help the sustainable fashion industry grown from niche to norm.

I believe that one of the biggest solutions to the pressing problem of the current fashion industry can be found in the idea of de-growth (and decentralization). Shortly put: producing and consuming less.

I find that a hugely enjoyable challenge! It brings such a multitude of possibilities; from recycling to made-to-order and from localism to re-evaluating your wardrobe.⁠

And best of all: it puts small(er) sized, independent brands in a particular great spot.

It requires them to grow stronger, find more sustainable ways of doing business and be more creative.

And, in the end we need all of us  - sustainable fashion professionals - to collaborate to be able to take a stance and outplay the big destructive fashion players.

I am here to help; in 1:1 sprints focussing on a particular challenge (like getting your purpose right) or entire (re)branding and positioning projects.

Together with Sustainability Consulting Agency The Sustainability Club I will be developing a product to help fashion brands get their branding & sustainable strategy right. Curious? Click here.

PS. While I’m specialized within the fashion industry, I occasionally work for creatively-led lifestyle brands or cultural institutes like: Holie Foods, Jewish Cultural Quarter, or Hello I’m Local - the most local boutique hostel in the world.

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