Sustainable shopping should be 
easy and fashionable.

The Cosmospolite is your go-to guide for a sustainable wardrobe less ordinary. This online platform explores the expansive constellation of fashion from a cosmos-polite point of view, with the conviction that an interest in fashion doesn’t mean you don’t care about the planet. 


I started challenging the fast fashion industry back in 2012. I was working as a brand manager in fashion when I got a peek behind the curtain of the fast fashion industry. I didn’t like what I saw. In a quest to find a sustainable yet fashionable way of covering myself up, I started looking for a more sustainable, planet-friendly way of dressing, but the majority of eco-clothing still felt basic, brown, and boring. 


This was the beginning of The Style Lion, an online shop where I sold a selection of vintage items with a story and small batches of sustainable fashion brands. Fashion that didn’t harm the planet or its earthlings. 


Once I discovered there was an appetite for a cosmos-polite way of dressing, I put this show on the road, so here it is: The Cosmospolite. An online platform for social and eco-conscious fashion brands: ‘cause nobody got time to dive into the depths of the world wide web to look for contemporary, outspoken pieces that today’s sustainable fashion has to offer. 


So, I did this for you.

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