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It comes in 50 shades this season and it's everywhere; purple, lavender, lilac. It's hot. A bit like last spring's green.


Whether you're into the rave mode, girly gingham style, clogs, knitwear or suits; this season purple is your colour. I curated a little bit of everything - from affordable to high-end - to make sure there's something for everyone. 

Add your favorite dash of purple and bring new life into last year's spring wardrobe. 



The colour purple

APRIL 2021

A personal note about this curation

While preparing the spring summer 2021 style edits I stumbled upon a shitload of purple fashion items. From clogs, to boot, to scrunchies and two pieces and from day to night wear. It was everywhere. And it came in all 50+ shades of purple; from lilac to lavender to violet.


It felt a bit like prepping summer 2019 when bright green popped up everywhere and completely took over my Instagram feed. Back then it was already accompanied by purple and other brights that reminded me most of high school (I even dozed off to Cornershops' Brimful of Asha and Deelights' Groove is in the heart for a few minutes). And this happy-go-lucky group of colours is not going anywhere anytime soon. With clearly a new hot and trendy colour for SS21: purple.

Will purple be the new green?

I find it very versatile. Classy, spiritual and playful - especially when combined with patterns and any other bright 90s inspired colour (see how the orange and purple in the Nagnata outfit works perfectly. Eye popping!). And while purple has slowly been making its way to our wardrobe for two seasons now, it feels still kind of new. Which makes it perfect for a quick wardrobe update and kick off for the Cosmospolite's SS12 style edit series. Next up: Not so basic basics. In the mean time check Journal or Instagram for newness, brand discoveries and style. 


How ethical and sustainable are these brands?

The clothing brands selected for this SS21 trend style edit cover all price ranges; from the affordable Hund Hund, Ethé, Underprotection and Colourful Standard to the high end Ajaie Aleie, Calle del Mar and Collina Strada. While selected brands share the same production ethics, the principles of their sustainable practices vary from sourcing eco-conscious materials to using recycled & organic materials only. Most items are crafted locally in small batches. For specifics please check the product descriptions. Read more about Calle del Mar, Little Things Studio, ARQ and Romualda in the latest post on the journal.


Have fun shopping!

Stay cosmic, 

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