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  • Leonie de l'Orme


The Cosmospolite - a series of sustainable shopping letters packed with links to the latest, coolest and newest brands, collections and boutiques to help you kick off your sustainable shopping spree.


July 2020

Dear peoples, It's been a while! How have you been? What's new? I ventured into a new global quest and started an online platform called The Cosmospolite. Yes, The Style Lion 🦁 went intergalactic!

Back in 2012, most eco-clothing was basic, brown, and boring. Vintage was the answer. So I opened my vintageboutique called The Style Lion. Today, it's all about expressing your creative self without harming the planet 🙏 So I put this show on the road, here it is: The Cosmospolite 'Cause nobody got time to dive into the depths of the world wide web to look for contemporary, outspoken pieces that sustainable fashion has to offer, am I right? So, I'm doing this for you!

The Cosmospolite explores the expansive constellation of fashion from a cosmos-polite point of view, with the conviction that an interest in fashion doesn't mean you don't care about the planet. Whether you are feeling festive or want to go back to basic. Especially now, in times of global warming, social distancing and eye-opening movements, we need to think with our brains, vote with our wallets, and realise we're all made of the same stardust (not polyester).

Got a friend/cousin/lover that is into sustainable, social, and eco-conscious shopping? Forward this letter and make the world go 'round. Love, Leonie Ps. Have questions? Think your brand should be included. Like to work together? Let's chat


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