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  • Leonie de l'Orme


The first day of spring is marked as a deadline for my wardrobe detox. This always feels like meditation to me. While organizing my wardrobe I clear my head and while clearing my head new ideas for my spring wardrobe come to mind. Welcoming side effect of this zen moment is a well considered shopping list, because the best part of the detox is still the retox.

Before the sun really asks for short skirts and bare legs, you still have plenty of time to clean out your closet. Believe me, you want this. It will bring your more than just an organized wardrobe and mind, it will give you a clear sense of who you are. And knowing who you are is one of the key ingredients in building a sustainable wardrobe; a wardrobe that will last and represents your values. Since fashion is all about showing off your true self, some good meditational chanting in front of your wardrobe will really bring out the best of you.

"Welcoming side effect of this zen moment is a well considered shopping list, because the best part of the detox is still the retox".

Three moving boxes full of clothes left my closet this year. Some was listed to Vinted, some donated to the thrift store or given away to friends. It was quite a lot, but I really had to admit that some items belonged to a lifetime pre-motherhood. Considering our big move out of the city and desire to own less stuff I took it extra serious. I made a weekend of it. Send my partner and son out for a weekend away, had the house for myself and turned our bedroom into one big mess, before getting all reorganized again. But it doesn't have to be all that big. The following steps will leave you too with a (future) wardrobe full of items you love.

Turn up the heat and put on your bikini, so you can easily slip into your clothes to check if they still suit you / your body type. You can even throw in some summer vibes to get into the right seasonal mood.

Pick out your favorites and pile them high.

Are these really the items that make you feel pretty, strong, unique? And do they still fit?

Now comes the tricky part. What is left are your 'undefined' clothes? Question yourself whether it was 'a faux pas' or 'a crush/ size from a bygone era'. Be honest with yourself. Maybe you’ve paid a lot or the label is still attached. This doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Ask yourself: Is it flattering? Does it make me feel comfortable? Sell, give away or swap whatever is not. And don't be harsh on yourself, save the ones that are special to you.

Put all your loved ones and the question marks that survived back into your closet and see if you can work them into the following three wardrobe compartments:

  • Your daily uniform – the items you wear over and over again

  • Dressed up (a little) – those pieces you do not necessarily wear on a daily base, but keep special for the nights out in town or business meetings.

  • Your eye catchers for special occasions

This helps you to keep overview on your entire wardrobe and it really saves time in the morning to select your sustainable outfit of the day #sootd

Now comes the fun part. Missing out on key pieces? Make a list. Find inspiration on Instagram, films, on the street, in the park and off course magazines will tell you all about this seasons trends. Of course it's only fashion if it reflects today’s spirit, but don't overdo it. Only pick the trends you fall in love with and really suit you / your body type and will stick around your wardrobe long after the trend is gone.

And there it is, your legitimate reason to shop.

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