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  • Leonie de l'Orme


The Cosmospolite - a series of sustainable shopping letters packed with links to the latest, coolest and newest brands, collections and boutiques to help you kick off your sustainable shopping spree.


April 2021

Dear peoples,

It has never been easier, more fun, bright and colourful to shop sustainable and ethical fashion than during this spring.

More and more brands are popping up that create expressive and contemporary clothes while being eco-friendly at the same time. Lucky us! Since it's my job to explore the expansive constellation of fashion from a cosmos-polite point; here is a list of 6 ethical and sustainable brands spotted last month. Also check Insta Guides for my favourite Insta shop finds.

Spring has also never been more purple. The colour comes in all shades, materials, styles and moods. Check the latest style edit and find your favourite hue.

Stay Cosmic!

Love, Leonie


Sustainable style edit: The Colour Purple

It comes in 50 shades this season and it's everywhere; purple, lavender, lilac. It's hot. A bit like last springs green.

Whether you're into the rave mode, girly gingham style, clogs, knitwear or suits; this season purple is your colour. I curated a little bit of everything - from affordable to high-end - to make sure there's something for everyone.

Add your favorite dash of purple and bring new life into last year's spring wardrobe.

gif of sustainable clothes in the colour purple


Tailored suits, comfy organic underwear and wearable art.

Here is the shortlist of 6 ethical and sustainable brands spotted this month. Read more about them here.

Manola. Sustainable luxury active wear from Barcelona.

Little things studio. Tailored suits and flowy dresses from New Dehli.

ARQ. Colourful ultra comfy organic underwear from Oregon.

Romualda. Hand painted, reversible hats from Spain that feel like art pieces.

Archivist. 100% upcycled cotton shirts made in Amsterdam from luxury hotel linen.

Calle del Mar. Candy-colored Los Angeles based knitwear line.


New on Insta: Shopping Guides.

The perfect place to collect all things pretty found in Instagram Shops; Instagram Guides. Think Neutrals, brights, hats, knitwear, platforms, activewear and sandals. It's all there. And it all looks sooo good!


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According to WWD, consumers spent more than seven billion hours online searching for "sustainable," "ethical," "fair trade," and "eco-friendly" items in 2020.


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