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  • Leonie de l'Orme


As soon as leaves start to fall my wardrobe turns all black. Black leather pants, black chunky boots, black vintage coats. Everything goes black. Preferably in heavy wintery materials like leather, denim and wool. An old habit I decided to get rid of this season. The November style edit covers my research for a more colourful, sustainable autumn wardrobe. All ethically produced with care for the planet. Of course!

These 4 affordable pieces from ethical and sustainable fashion brands actually ended up in my wardrobe.

Ps. Don’t miss the Miista discount code for your ethical shoe shopping with 15% off.

Donkey Bazar Bag I kicked of my challenge with a pink and blue striped bazar bag from Bolivian-Dutch brand Donkey. The ethical and slow fashion bag brand fights for more fair working conditions and leads by example. Its recent campaign raises awareness for the millions of garment workers who have been underpaid or even unpaid during the pandemic. With every bag sold during this campaign the brand gives it Bolivian workers a fair bonus. A good reason to put this bag on you sustainable Christmas gift/ wish list.

This bag turned out to be the magic trick of my challenge. It is so pink and red and orange and blue, it instantly brightens up any fully black outfit. It almost made me feel like I was cheating – it’s so simple, so good - it 100% gave me the feeling I mastered my challenge. It even gave me a relapse.

Image courtesy to Donkey & Carcel

Carcel Rib Tights I almost got these soft merino wool tights in black, but turned to chocolate instead. It's a babysteps kind of progression. Carcel produces clothing from natural materials; sourced locally in the region of production; made in limited quantities; by woman serving sentences in prisons in Peru and Thailand. The ethical Scandinavian brand manages their own production sites within these prisons and their employees opt in voluntarily in exchange for fair wages and training. Employees are mostly single mothers incarcerated for nonviolent, poverty-related crimes.

Chunky Miista boots Since old habits die hard, I could not resist the chunkiness of these black leather Chelsea boots from Miista. The ethical footwear brand creates fashion forward and artsy shoes in limited quantities; artisanal made in Spain.

Want to get yourself a pair, Miista and I have a special discount code for you. Get it here.

Image courtesy to Miista

Wool rib balaclava hat Spotted this merino wool headpiece at Rus, Carcel, Polite Worldwide and Wool and the Gang! Since three is a trend; a hot winter awaits this wool balaclava. I am still deciding, but it will either be the lavender merino wool headpiece from RUS or a DIY package from Wool & The Gang. Follow my knitting on Instagram.

Image courtesy to Polite Worldwide, Rus & Carcel.

Living up to my own manifesto for a sustainable wardrobe < link > My vintage finds this season: an ochre 1980s Italian corduroy pants, the softest baby pink oversized sweater and perfect blue Levi’s 501. Stolen from my boyfriend’s wardrobe: his baby blue cotton shirt to pair with my brown Carcel rib tights and pink oversized sweater. Topping this off with a pink beanie knit by my father’s aunt.

While it took me baby steps out of the dark - I found it easier to start with neutrals and sticking to my magic trick* - today I am most likely to be spotted in my ochre pants, pink beanie and bold striped bag. The winter looks bright!

What is your wardrobe challenge?!

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