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Most recent style edit is about re-mastering last winters gorpcore trend in a sustainable way. Remember that trend where you look like you’re off for a hiking trip, but actually are only going out for a latte at the café around the corner?! The name for this trends (which has been around for a while now) comes from the American classic hiking snack; Good Ole Raisins and Peanuts AKA trail mix. While Patagonia might be the first to come to mind as a sustainable good alternative for most that high street has to offer, here at The Cosmospolite, we lay focus on fashionable, unique and small brands. In this post I share ethical and sustainable gorpcore that didn't made the cut in the latest, highly curated style edit.

Changing seasons and changing lives

It is not only because fall has arrived and we need those puffy coats and sturdy walking boots in our lives again. It is also has to do with personal reasons; my change of life requires something more comfy and practical than previous Y2K sleek slip dresses or ultra sophisticated not so basic basics.

Last month me, my boyfriend and almost 4 year old son left The Netherlands for a looong trip in our ‘brand new’ upcycled 90s military ambulance. We just arrived in Portugal. Up for some surfing, cruising and exploring what it is like to live a more simple life - while working as a digital nomad from our tiny cozy house on wheels. It’s kind of an experiment. 🙈✌️🤩 More about our 'vanlife/ digital nomad life with kids experiment' here.

Gorpcore with a dash of fashion

Key to the perfect vanlife wardrobe are clothes that don't require lots of special attention and care (no space for a washing machine in our 11m2 tiny house on wheels). I joke about making us black latex onesies. Most practical for camper life - just wipe them clean. My boyfriend is quite serious about buying us aprons. Reconsidering practical I took inspiration from the ‘Gorpcore’ trend. Obviously, I like it a bit less ordinary. So mixed it with my recent love for midi skirts paired with chunky boots and autumn coloured pastels. Here you’ll see what ended up in my bag.

images from the 'Sustainable Gorpcore with a dash of flowers' style edit

Mastering Gorpcore in a sustainable way

The latest style edit shows a highly curated collection of ethical and sustainable brands I came across on my vanlife shopping spree. Including fair priced brands like ECOALF, NAGO, GOOD NEWS, BAGGU, ARMED ANGELS and TRETORN alongside the more upscale SIMON MILLER and exquisite collaboration between CHLOE and Dutch Foundation SHELTERSUIT that protects people experiencing unsheltered homelessness.⁠

All together they bring a comfy, pastel coloured look with a dash of bright colours and flowers. BUT, there was so much more I came across. Check below what didn't made the cut, but would be perfect for getting that latte around the corner.

The Technical Trousers

Straight fit, camel coloured trousers with zippers, side pockets or other outdoorsy details.

Christopher Raeburn makes catwalk creations from army surplus fabrics and sustainable materials for over a decade. Organic Olive trousers €280 at Raeburn

Or take a fashionable spin on the trousers with baby blue checkered cargo pants. €317 at AVN.

Ethical footwear brand MIISTA now also makes clothing. Like this wide-leg gabardine trousers with a draw-string waist. The pleats down the front and the side openings with snap buttons play on traditional sports and outerwear. Wide leg camel trousers €430 at Miista

The Fleece Jacket

Recycled polyester preferably, since fleece - synthetic - is not at all a sustainable fabric. Recycled fleeces are made from recycled plastic bottles which makes it your perfect gorpcore-friendly, cozy and warm go-to top. Also cool the knitted version (as seen at Mozh Mozh).

Ultra fashionable hand knitted zip top that won't necessarily keeps you warm, but rather makes you look cool. Mozh Mozh turqoise zip top €356 via Maimoun store. Also available on discount in Lemon €180 at 100 percent silk shop

One of the few classic fleece jackets made with recycled polyester produced in smaller batches I have came across this fall. (clearly high street has some pretty funky ones too, but you don't want to go there) Recycled polyester unisex zip up teddy jacket €119,95 at NU-IN

This cropped recycled fleece comes in many colours, fits and size variations from XS to 4XL. Colour blocked cropped recycled fleece €55 at Lucy and Yak

The Puffer

Cool winter coats that don't warm up the planet. Well not as much as a regular coat... This seasonal favourite comes in all colours and prints this fall winter 2021/22

Short, lightweight, oversized, vegan padded jacket filled with fake down made from recycled plastic bottles. Where this jacket is from an older collection, their latest - and all future - collection is made of 100% recycled materials. Fuchia vegan padded jacket €265 at OOF wear

Modular coats from Marfa Stance are made with recycled, dead-stock fabrics or certified sustainable fabrics from Italy and recycled padding. The puffer body warmer €690 at Marfa Stance

This one of a kind oversized luxury puffer made with deadstock fabrics is a collab between Dutch foundation Sheltersuit (that provides immediate shelter to the homeless) & Chloe. Reversible deadstock oversized puffer €2190 from Chloe X Sheltersuit.

Check out the latest style edit for more ethical and sustainable winter coats in all colours, shapes and prices here.

The Accessory

What is gorpcore without looking like you are on an expedition....

Black fanny pack made from recycled ripstop nylon €42 at Baggu. This US brand has several point of sales around the world. Available in Europe via for €52 at

New York brand Coming of Age works closely with all-women manufactures in the New York's garment district using organic fabrics only. Reversible hat €150 at COA

Lentl coloured backpack with interior laptop sleeve made from recycled ripstop nylon €60 at Baggu

The Hoodie

Never enough hoodies. Super sustainable tip: check your lovers wardrobe to see if they have any you can "barrow".

Classic eunify hoodie made with organic cotton €90 from Souvenir

Organic cotton creme cropped hoodie €39,95from NU-IN

Lightweight, slightly cropped hoodie with an elastic pull-cord with silver tone toggles. 100% acetate burned orange hoodie €340 from Nomia available at

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