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  • Emily Fromant

Sustainable Cottage Core: breeze your way into this romantic spring trend

After months of darkness, cloudy skies and April showers, spring has finally sprung. Finally the sun is beginning to peak through the clouds, with buds forming, May is finally here; With nature making its grand entrance, Spring truly feels like a time of renewal, experimentation, and appreciating the world around us.

An aesthetic which truly captures the romantic beauty of Spring is Cottagecore, with it's floral feminine silhouettes, and 'farmer girl-esque' accessories it is the perfect way to start off the new season.

What is Cottagecore?

Initially popularised by 2017 Tumblr, Cottagecore has begun a true resurgence due to the influence of TikTok. Ironically, whilst social media has played a huge role in the popularity of the aesthetic Cottagcore is all about abandoning social media and technology in favour of a simpler, more rural lifestyle.

This romanticisation of rural farm life is shown through the countless imagery of women wearing prairie dresses and straw hats prancing down country roads or making their own food from scratch.

Through reading this article, you may find you actually own a large amount of Cottagecore-must-haves. The effortless rural style is easy to find, and many of us partake in elements of it without even realising it.

The dress

The Long, romantic dresses are essential to mastering your Cottagcore look. Picture 'running through a field of flowers' as if its a part of your daily routine, (bonus points if it's floral!).

The raw linen Angelica dress is a romantic apron style summer dress with an empire waist, plus it has pockets! The dress is hand-made locally in Montreal. Find the Angelica dress on ElizaFaulkner for €311.95.

One of our personal favourites, Dynasty George is number one for its stunning romantic dresses (it was hard to pick just one!). All garments are made in a small family owned factory in India. The Ophelia Dress in Peony initially €180.52, now on sale for €90.26.

ILK and ERNIE'S Delilah dress is a little different than our usual Cottagecore pick, but we fell in love with the prairie silhouette. Made from surplus fabric, this stunning dress is one of many you could choose from. The Delilah Midi Dress in Pink Tartan for €143.11.

The headscarf

To truly embrace the famer-girl chic, head scarfs are a must. They add a dainty, feminine element to any outfit and truly bring your look to a new "Cottagecore" level.

Zitkani's Natural Italian silk scarves are digitally printed to include famous paintings (you may recognise Gogh's starry night above). Delivered carbon neutrally world-wide, buy at Zitkani on for €114.54.

Made from fabric cut offs, Magpie vintage's embroidered scarfs are a stunning addition to any Cottagecore wardrobe. Check out the Astrid zero waste head scarf for €35.40.

The Liberté silk scarf features a “Liberty of London” inspired print and dark green hue. Each design is drawn by Swiss-Italian designer Lisa Lubrini with slow fashion ideals in mind. Find the Liberte silk scarf, and many more at AENEIS paris for €210.00.

The Sandal

Perhaps not your obvious accessory, the sandal is taking the Cottagecore world by storm. Whether you're picking strawberries, or simply strolling in the sunshine (in the city), the simple sandel is a must for any spring fit.

Made from LWG certified non-toxic leathers to ensure minimum environmental impact, ESSĒN is committed to slowing down the fashion industry. Shop the shoes for €229.00 at ESSĒN.

For a unique cross between sandal and shoe, Emme Parsons's vegetable tanned calf skin sandals are perfect to walk down any forest path. Find the sandals for €440.00 at Emme Parsons.

ALOHAS is committed to lowering overconsumption and bringing attention to exploitative working conditions. Their Marshmallow sandals are unique, comfortable and provide a pop of colour for any outfit. Shop the sandals now on sale for €119

The straw hat

For any Cottagecore girl looking to explore in the sunshine, but escape the the risk of burning, a straw hat is a must. We've found some undeniably chic picks to ensure you avoid those formidable rays in style.

To switch it up, try the Beklina scarf hat a new take on the summer style. One size fits all and its stylish gingham print will become an essential accessory. Shop the Beklina gingham Scarf Hat for €165.00.

Toasts summer hat is made from natural raffa, after being hand dried it is woven by local artisans in Madagascar. Find the Maison N.H. Paris Raffia Hat for €135.00.

The lightweight sea grass hat comes with a unique black ribbon. It is perfect for exploring, picnic walks or just lounging in the sun. Shop the VISAYA BOATER hat for €200.00 at Bagtazo.



Emily Formant writes for The Cosmospolite about current fashion trends done sustainable and dives deep into values to turn them into easy-to-digest articles. She is dedicated to only supporting brands that prove they don’t exploit their workers at any level and dreams the fashion industry will move away from staple pieces into statement pieces. Whilst she loves staple pieces for their versatility and longevity, she feels there are so many great options out there to find your basics. Yet not a lot of unique, statement options for when your staple wardrobe is built. She finds it’s also important to find one or two pieces that really allow you to showcase your personality. As a fashion lover, she gets excited about new, undiscovered brands that are really pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion.

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