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  • Leonie de l'Orme


The Cosmospolite - a series of sustainable shopping letters packed with links to the latest, coolest and newest brands, collections and boutiques to help you kick off your sustainable shopping spree.


September 2020

Dear peoples, As soon as leaves start to fall my wardrobe turns all black. Black leather pants, black chunky boots, black vintage coats. Everything goes black. An old habit I decided to get rid of this season. My latest style edit covers my research for a more colourful autumn wardrobe. All ethically produced with care for the planet. Of course!

The Cosmospolite is off course more than a highly curated collection of the coolest sustainable clothes. On a deeper level - to me - it is also about fighting justice and equality. Something so profoundly out of balance within the fashion industry. Find two current initiatives fighting this actively - that made me happy

And Reading all the way to the end will be rewarded with a shoe shopping discount code!

X Leonie


Supermarket fancy

When the local supermarket as your playground, you need something to work the aisle with (while remaining at a safe distance, naturally). Pair up your ethical evening bag with a fair trade shopper. Add bold colours and prints to your sustainable fall basics and don't forget to bring some funky up-cycled accessories.

Donkey raises awareness for the millions of unpaid garment workers during the pandemic.

I kicked off my wardrobe challenge with a bright coloured Donkey Bolivian Bazar Bag. New to the brand? Here are two reasons why to put Donkey on a pedestal. 1) In the midst of Lockdown and nowhere to go but the supermarket you need something to work the aisle with.⁠ ⁠ 2) The brand recently launched an online campaign to raise awareness for the millions of workers in the garment industry who have been underpaid or even unpaid during the pandemic.

A deep dive in white privilege, raciscm and colonialism and it's impact on the fashion industry.

Must listen podcast: The Root. 6 Episodes that will give you a deep dive in white privilege, racism, colonialism and its impact on society and the fashion industry in particular. If you are a white privileged girl - just like me – wanting to educate yourself and uncover your blindspots, this is your podcast.

cover of the root podcast with conscious chatter and melanin

Miista shoes discount code

Since old habits die hard I could not resist the chunkiness of the black Chelsea boots from Miista. The ethical footwear brand gives you a 15% discount, a little something towards your very own pair. Enter code at check out. Expires march 5 2022. Does not apply to giftcards or sale items.

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According to WWD, consumers spent more than seven billion hours online searching for "sustainable," "ethical," "fair trade," and "eco-friendly" items in 2020.

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