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  • Leonie de l'Orme

Spring 2022 trendiest colour: Blue

The Cosmospolite - a series of sustainable shopping letters packed with links to the latest, coolest and newest brands, collections and boutiques to help you kick off your sustainable shopping spree.


APRIL 2022

Dear people,

A cool, fresh breeze is blowing through (sustainable) fashion land this spring and it's blue. Cobalt, baby blue or ultra vibrant. It's all there.

Shapes and style in the latest style edit makes us wander off a little to that period in the 90s when the 60s were hot. Remember that retro vibe?! Think leather and wooden clog sandals, tight-fitting wool knits, platform sandals, patent leather and patch work.

Want to refresh your spring wardrobe with the right ethical and sustainable fashion pieces? Start here.

And don't forget to let me know what you've bought! Reply, DM @thecosmospolite or tag #founditonthecosmospolite. Can't wait to hear!

Stay Cosmic!

Love, Leonie

Ps. Planning to buy those Miista platforms, the patch-worked denim, those creamy clogs (or just anything else), don't forget to use this discount code for a 15% off.


Spring Blues


Let's join forces

I am looking for (remote) people to join forces 💪 Both temporary (as intern or contributing editor) as well long term (like an actual partner in crime to grow the platform). ⁠ What The Cosmospolite needs right now is someone DEDICATED TO SOCIAL MEDIA and someone with A LOVE FOR MAGAZINE STYLE CONTENT like shoppings, articles and style edits.⁠ If you're all about ethical and sustainable fashion and have a knack for creating digital content, I'd love to hear from you!



Bought something via The Cosmospolite? I would love to hear. Really! This way I can learn more about your shopping behavior and cater better services. Just slide me a DM, mail or tag #founditonthecosmospolite.

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According to WWD, consumers spent more than seven billion hours online searching for "sustainable," "ethical," "fair trade," and "eco-friendly" items in 2020.

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