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  • Leonie de l'Orme

How to wear: Cottage Core

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cottage core

An aesthetic which truly captures the romantic beauty of Spring is Cottagecore. Recent sustainable trend report explores the versatility of it's floral feminine silhouettes and 'farmer girl-esque' accessories. And while it might be the perfect way to start off the new season, you might wonder. How to wear without looking as if you walked straight out of cult film 'hanging at picnic rock'.

Scroll down for a style tips & tricks guide to get you going - including lots of shoppable links. But first some favourites....


Leonie's personal favourites

Links will lead you directly to the brand or boutique where you can shop my favourite Cottage Core items.

Made to order raffia hat from SHOP BOSWELL for €177 Hand embroidered dress from TACH for €234 Hand crochet headscarf from NARYA for €34

Cropped floral blouse from TACH for €120 Comfy leather sandals from ESSEN for €229 Upcycled mini dress from MAGPIE VINTAGE for €315


How to wear cottage core this spring

A trend is just a thought starter for your personal style. Decide whether you feel it or not. Only wear what ‘has your name written on it’. Is it the checkered print, the gigantic collar, the (farmers) bandana, broderie or literaly anything made of straw.

Wedding Material A wedding invite is your excuse to go all the way - as long as it fits the formal dress code. Floral cottage dresses and gigantic collars make the perfect festive ingredients for your - not so ordinary - wedding attire. Opting for vintage minimizes the chance you'll run into someone else wearing the exact same dress. Get your hands on these before their gone: bright flower power maxi dress, puffy sleeves midi dress romantic prarie dress, Victorian sheer baby blue maxi dress (last two physical available at their Amsterdam Store). And don't forget to check these new sexy ones on The Cosmospolite. Or just rewear last years dress and add a touch of straw like this black topless straw hat, packable seaweed hat, ultra oversized straw hat or gorgeous silk head scarf.

Layer your Eliza Faulkner cottage core dress (after a wedding) with a crewneck sweater to turn it into a more everyday outfit.

Layer your dress after the wedding with a crewneck sweater to turn it into a more everyday outfit.

Heads up You don’t necessarily have to look like you’ve walked straight outta 'Picknick at Hanging Rock'. I favour 'just'a vintage or a crochet headscarf. Any random vintage store sells scarves. For special ones check these hand dyed silk pieces. I think this hand printed strawberry bunny bandana is fun. Another favourite this scarf / cap hybrid.

Embroidered head scarf Elle Skaarup Studio

Pick up your needle work after seeing this embroidered white one.

Make it a statement piece Slightly more dressed up, but never too much. The blouse; in farmers romantic crochet, floral peplum, romantic with rock 'n roll charm or insanely huge collar. It just goes well with any denim in your wardrobe.

Every day romantic This trend comes naturally when getting dressed for a picknick in the park, ice cream date or just on any hot summer day. Investing in a cute dress like this vintage Cacharel, elegant spaghetti strap dress with pockets (below), sexy front tie closure, longsleeved gingham, rustic minimalist or the classic white embroidery makes it safe to say you will be wearing her for many more seasons to come.

eliza faulkner dreamy white summer dress selfie


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