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Got a super nice and easy balaclava knitting pattern from Wool and the Gang for you. And it's free.

The hottest winter accessory of AW22

We kind of knew it already last year and today you can’t really not know; the balaclava is insanely hot. It's the smallest and most eye-catching items that will refresh your entire 2020 wardrobe.

My plan was to start knitting somewhere winter 2020. It would have been my first knit ever, but it kind of didn't happen. I did print the pattern, went to the coolest Amsterdam wool shop you can imagine, was overwhelmed by all the fluor, tie dye and super soft yarns and left the store undecided. Today - living in Portugal - there is no need to knit a balaclava.

But this entry level winter balaclava knitting 2022 pattern from Wool and the Gang is just too good. I hope you will pick up where I left; buy the wool & start knitting.

source unknown

Knitting is sustainable!

Even when you don’t buy organic or natural dyed wool. It’s because the relation you build with your product. Think about all the love, blood and tears you’ll put into it. It will make you wear, maintain and keep it forever with love and pride. As with any self made clothing item. It’s the epitome of slow fashion - a statement agains fast fashion.

Where to get your wool?

It would be nicest if you just visit your local knitters store. You'll get the personal care and advice, it will create an even stronger connection to your hand made balaclava and you'll support a small business, who can use as much support as possible during these C-times. More about that in previous shop small and fair businesses gift guide.

Obviously Wool and the Gang has a wide range of yarns. For European based knitters check out UK based eco-friendly Knit with attitude or Amsterdam knitting store, Stephen and Penelope, with all kind of wools in electric colours, organic dyes and fantastic help. They were so lovely to help me translate the Wool & The Gang measurements to normal grams/meters.

What you need to knit your own balaclava

  1. Free download of balaclava knitting pattern

  2. 465 grams of Baby alpaca wool / or 4 balls of WATG’s 100% Baby Alpaca

  3. 284 grams Pima cotton / or 2 balls of WATG’s 100% Pima Cotton

  4. 1 pair of 10mm (15US) wooden needles 1 Off Piste Hood pattern

  5. 1 knitter’s sewing needle

Let me know how far you've come

Would love to know how your knitting turns out. Send me a photo of the end result or process, DM or tag @thecosmospolite.

Rather buy a balaclava?

Not into knitting but do need a balaclava in your life? Here are some links to get you started. The one in the image below is Rus (now in sale! Also available in soft green, black and white). Extreme Cashmere reinvented the classic balaclava with rib knitted eye opening and hem. If you like it bold, get this bright coloured crochet version at All things Mochi or this brown and pink checkerd one from Lirika Matoshi made with upcycled left over fabric.

Soft yellow balaclava from RUS

Also fun, The Bonnet or also called knit helmet. It's a balaclava with a twist, because it's tied under your chin. In this blurry picture below I paired a vintage beaded knit helmel with my 2020 Christmas outfit. I have seen them at Kolonaki in black, blue and green angora or made to order at Bruised Peach Shop.

Me wearing a knit helmet.

free balaclava knitting pattern

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