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  • Leonie de l'Orme


It has never been easier, more fun, bright and colourful to shop sustainable and ethical fashion than during spring 2021. More and more brands are popping up that create expressive and contemporary clothes while being eco-friendly the same time. Lucky us! Since it's my job to explore the expansive constellation of fashion from a cosmos-polite point; here is a list of 6 ethical and sustainable brands spotted last month:

Manola. Sustainable luxury active wear from Barcelona.

Image courtesy to Manola.

The brand offers eco-friendly luxury active wear essentials. Designed in Barcelona and manufactured in Europe. Working together with suppliers that are not only sustainable in nature but also offer high quality, long-lasting materials the brand guarantees durable items. The sport tops, shorts and leggings are made using ECONYL®, a fabric brand that transforms nylon waste, such as fishing nets or textile production scraps, into a new yarn, having the same characteristics as nylon made of virgin raw material. The beauty of ECONYL® is that it has the potential to be recycled infinitely, without ever losing its quality.

ARQ. Colourful ultra comfy organic underwear from Oregon USA.

Image courtesy to ARQ.

Started as a kids underwear line the brand offers one set for you and one for you mini-me. The brands makes big and comfy underpants with matching bras and tank tops in all kind of off-tone bright and neutral colours . All items are made of organic cotton following a high standard of social and environmental responsibility in every step of their process — from fair wages at every juncture to standards for factory emissions and utility usage for their suppliers.

Romualda. Hand painted, reversible hats from Spain that feel like art pieces.

Video courtesy to Romualda

Sisters Christina and Mariana, are the artist designer duo behind Romualda.

The brand was born with the idea of uniting their passions and desire to create delicate objects that represent their admiration for beauty. "We create in an intuitive and wild way. Recovering ancestral techniques and respecting the purity of the materials with the intention of conceiving exquisite products that last in time and memory". The hats are made in North of Spain with mindfully selected materials following the principles of fair trade and transparency.

Archivist. 100% upcycled cotton shirts made in Amsterdam from luxury hotel linen.

Archivist. 100% upcycled cotton shirts made in Amsterdam from luxury hotel linen.

Image courtesy to Archivist.

To maintain their high standards, luxury hotels check their textiles frequently. When the slightest signs of wear and tear appear, the sheets have to be discarded. As a result, about 10 million kilos of European luxury hotel linen ends up in landfill yearly. Archivist started out with 200 kilos of Egyptian cotton and turned them into perfect crisp shirts. With more and more hotels joining, new styles are being developed and produced. Occasionally designed in collaboration with local and international artists.

Calle del Mar. Candy-colored Los Angeles based knitwear line.

Blanca Miro wearing purple Calle del Mar suit

Image courtesy to Calle del Mar & Blanca Miro

Cult label Calle del Mar produces locally in limited runs using female owned US factories on a non-seasonal calendar. CDM is inspired by vintage American athletic wear and its silky materials. Their staple yarn - viscose - is a breathable, comfortable and highly absorbent fiber which was a popular choice for swimwear & athletic uniforms in the 1920's-1970's. Today it's known to be a more durable and green, vegan, alternative to silk. The plant based fiber is usually made from wood pulp of fastly re-generating plants & trees such as eucalyptus or bamboo. Some of which comes from sustainably managed forests. Some is spun from regenerated fibers provided from pre-consumer waste. Don't see your size. Just ask, they can customer order for you.

Little things studio. Tailored suits and flowy dresses from New Dehli.

Image courtesy to Little Things Studio.

In a world where everyone is rushing to ‘have it all’ the Indian based brand sticks to their less is more philosophy. Sticking to a range of natural colours, fabrics and silhouettes without getting dull. "Eventually it's those little things in life that really matters". LTS strongly believes in being an inclusive and body positive brand. One of the steps they take in that direction is making silhouettes that flatter every body type. Sizes go up till 4XL and there is an option to get a custom size constructed just for you!

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