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  • Leonie de l'Orme


More and more brands are popping up that create expressive and contemporary clothes while being eco-friendly the same time. Lucky us! Since it's my job to explore the expansive constellation of fashion from a cosmos-polite point; here is a list of 5 ethical and sustainable brands.

What to expect? Lots of natural fibers gone fashion. Another artsy and crafty fashion brand (just like last months' hand painted, reversible hats from Romualda) this time bringing us felted wool co-ords. You seriously could have never imagined felted wool look so cool. And the truly mind provoking small goods fashion brand that works with AirCarbon, a plastic alternative made from extracted greenhouse gasses. Imagine the impact this material can have when you consider these new shocking sustainable fashion facts:

35% of the microplastics found in the oceans come from synthetic textile.
75% of the sustainability impact of the fashion industry happens at the raw materials stage - before clothes have actually been made.
Polyester, nylon, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers — all of which are forms of plastic — were about 60% of the material that makes up our clothes worldwide in 2019.

Here is your list with 5 super natural fashionable yet sustainable brands:

Nicole Saldaña. Lighthearted footwear made in Portugal

Think funky soles and quirky silhouettes. The ugly-cute shoes from Nicole Saldaña, former Opening Ceremony designer, are inspired by her girlfriends and the energy of New York. The New York-based brand produces her shoes by hand in Portugal and focusses on quality, construction and wearability. The brand is respresented by global retailers for which they design separate capsule collections.

Sophia Khaled. Made to order felted knitwear from Copenhagen

The childlike knitwear from Copenhagen based Sophia Khaled can be read as little stories from her diary. Like the knitted sweater with the dog in space created while she felt lonely. The dog was her lifeline. Most of her pieces are one of a kind hand-knitted with 100% wool, felted and prewashed. Pre-order her current collection at Maimoun Store. Which will be tailored to your measurements.

Artknit Studio. Recycled wool and cashmere knits made in Italy

The Italian knitwear brand for him and her uses natural and upcycled fibers only. The brand is committed to sustainability by using natural materials only and recycled where possible. De brand focusses on fewer and longer lasting products, ethical production, a zero-waste production process and the promotion of ‘buy less, choose well’. While creating contemporary minimalist knits like upcycled cashmere hoodies, cropped wool pants and airy polo's. The brand is included multiple times in the Not So Basic Basics style edit.

Covalent. Carbon-negative blockchain tracked sunglasses from LA

It’s the world’s first ever carbon-negative eyewear and small “leather” goods brand. For him and her. The classic designed sunglasses and bags are made with AirCarbon. A newly developed technique that turns air and carbon from greenhouse gas, such as methane and carbon dioxide, into a meltable, moldable biomaterial that can be used to help replace plastic and leather. The products of the Californian born brand are regenerative, carbon-negative, and IBM blockchain tracked. Wow!

Monica Cordera. Contemporary minimalist knitwear from Spain

The brand, created in 2008, works exclusively with small family factories with whom they have created a close, trusting and lasting relationship over the years. Creating timeless limited-edition garments with a minimalist design they intend their clothes to last for a long long time. The two sisters, Monica and Maria, believe "that ethical fashion is to recognize that there are human beings behind the clothes we wear and that clothes cannot change the world, but the people who wear them can." They strive to dress their values which include taking care of the future of the planet by reducing the consumption of plastics, water, using as many recycled materials as possible and carefully selecting their suppliers. The brands pretty cool knitwear is included multiple times in the Not So Basic Basics style edit.

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