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The Cosmospolite Checklist

1. Is a brand ethical?

Does a brand make an effort to improve wellbeing alongside the entire chain? Which of these claims are made and can be proven: fair-trade, ethical labor, women empowerment, supporting communities, animal wellbeing and/or vegan.


2. Is a brand sustainable?
What conscious material are used? Which of these claims are made and can be proven: natural, organic, recycled, vegan, cruelty free, recycled, upcycled and/or deadstock materials.


3. Does a brand fights overproduction?

Is production kept to a maximum? Which of these claims are made and can be proven: pre-order, small batched, limited edition, made-to-order, handwork, artisanal, craftsmanship, pre-owned, vintage and/or rent


4. Where is it made and why there?

What is the reason a brand chooses a country for its production? Which of these claims are made and can be proven: Artisanal, craftsmanship, support local communities, women empowerment, Made in Europe, Made in America, locally made, locally sourced and/or empower communities?


5. How transparent is a brand?

What is a brand telling me? And what not? Does a brand talk about its emission numbers, water reduction in liters, percentage of mark up, CO 2 compensation and/or blockchain traceability.


Bonuspoints go to brands that dare to say they are not 100% sustainable (sustainability is a never ending journey) or stimulate to buy less, are size inclusive female- and/or bipoc-owned and make charitable efforts


Being transparent myself: also for The Cosmspolite it’s an ongoing journey to monitor the brands covered on the platform. That’s why occasionally a brand is kicked out of the ethical and sustainable fashion brand index (so long Reformation). Luckily I discover and include more and more brands on the platform monthly.


Do you have information about a brand which I seem to have not? Questions sustainability of one of the covered brands? Want to suggest a new brand? Love to learn, hear or know. You can contact me via leonie@thecosmospolitecom

Every new cool brand spotted goes through a critical phase of research. Want to learn what we consider to be sustainable, ethical or fashions biggest problem? Read all about it here. Here is the shorter version - our checklist.

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